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  • 1.How many horses can you travel at any one time?

    Up to 2 horses or ponies or a mare and foal with any tack or equipment.

  • 2. Can you move a mare and foal?

    Yes, our horsebox has a flexible mounted partition that can be taken out so a mare and foal can travel together.

  • 3. How many people can you carry?

    Up to 2 people plus the driver.

  • 4. Do you do emergency call outs?

    We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call us at any time.

  • 5. Do I need to accompany the horse?

    No, you do not. Our drivers are experienced people within the horse industry.

  • 6. Can I hire the horsebox without the driver?

    No, at this moment we only provide the horsebox and driver. Insurance only covers our drivers for hire or reward

  • 7. Are you insured?

    We are a fully insured. However we do transport horses on the understanding that they themselves are insured.

  • 8. Do you share loads?

    Only with your prior consent. If you want to do a shared load with someone you know and split costs we would be happy to do this.

  • 9. Can I travel in the horsebox too?

    Yes, we encourage owners to accompany the driver in the horsebox as the driver usually transports alone. Seating is available in addition to the driver.

  • 10. What about horsebox hygiene?

    We wash out the box after every journey with approved disinfectant.

  • 11. Can you supply hay nets and water?

    We always carry water on board, and can supply haynets. But we do recommend you to supply your own haylage or hay if that is what your horse is used to.

  • 12. Do you carry first aid kits on board?

    We carry human and equine first aid kits on board.

  • 13. How long in advance do I need to book?

    For normal transport we recommend booking a few days in advance to ensure you get the date and time that suits you best.

  • 14. Does my horse require its passport to travel with you?

    Yes. EU regulations now require passports to accompany all horses when they travel.

  • 15. What information will you need when I book?

    We will need your name, address and contact telephone number.

    The collection address and delivery address, full postcodes, and a telephone number of the delivery address if you are not travelling with the horse/horses.

    The Horse(s) size, name, age. It is also advisable to tell us if the horse is a bad loader/traveller, or a nervous or inexperienced loader/traveller.

    The time and date of collection.